SAP HANA & Databases

SAP TechEd Sessions - 2012

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Big Data and Database replays

  • All You Need to Know About Security with SAP HANA View
  • Analytics Solutions from Sybase View
  • Architecture and Technology in SAP HANA View
  • Best Practices for a Smooth Data Mart Implementation in SAP HANA View
  • Integrating SAP HANA into Your Landscape View
  • Modeling Basics for SAP HANA (view)Our Database Strategy View
  • SAP HANA – Application Services Basics: Hands On Session View
  • SAP HANA – Data Provisioning for Replication with SAP and Non-SAP Applications View
  • SAP HANA – SQL Script Basics and Troubleshooting: Hands On Session View 
  • SAP HANA 101 – Technology Basics and Use Cases View
  • SAP HANA: Operations, High Availability and Data Center Readiness View
  • Unwiring Your Enterprise with SAP Mobile Platform View
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