SMP Webinars on Enterprise Grade Mobility: Supporting & Troubleshooting Agentry

As part of the 6 month long webinar series 'SAP Mobile Platform - Enterprise Scale Mobility', we will be hosting three webinars covering the topic Supporting & Troubleshooting Agentry.

The target audience for these webinars is support engineers, system integrators, super users and IT administrators.

The content is applicable to both SMP 2.3 and to earlier, stand-alone releases of Agentry.

The goal of these webinars is to provide an insight into Agentry, learn how to use the tools to debug and quickly assess support situations. As a result, the efficiency of support teams will be increased - be it to self-sufficiently provide solutions or cooperate with SAP Support or 3rd party support.

This is a series of consecutive webinars, not of stand-alone presentations: If you miss a session, it is strongly recommended to watch the recording before the next webinar. Recordings will be posted on this page.

Scheduled Webinars:

Registrations & Recordings