SAP Store: MyAccount


This session will give an overview of the myAccount section of the SAP Store and its capabilities to partners who already have a storefront as well as partners who will be creating their storefront on the SAP Store.


  1. SAP Store Value Proposition
  2. Benefits to partners
  3. Quick tour of the SAP Store myAccount section
  4. Storefront requirements (Bill of Material)
  5. Next steps
  6. Q&A

Target Audience

This session is aimed at partners who already have a storefront on the SAP Store or will be building one in the near future.

Added Value

At the end of this session, partners will: 1. Have a good understanding of the value that the SAP Store can bring to their business 2. Understand how to access the myAccount section and what they can do with it 3. Know what content is required to publish a storefront

SAP Store MyAccount - Overview  -  Replay  &   Presentation