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Mobilizing business users is a huge step forward for any company

Imagine that you are a project manager and have just finished the installation of SMP, successfully tested all mobile apps on your QA system, and are ready to go-live and start rolling out the apps to your business users.

Before you do that, you want to verify that the apps work as smoothly in production as they do in QA. Performance is one of the key criteria, so you want to ensure that the system efficiently manages the anticipated load. You want to load test your environment.


On this and 3 additional SCN pages we detail several aspects of performance, in particular load testing your mobile applications. We also consider that different types of applications require different testing approaches. w

Content providers are John Polus and Dong Pan both from the SAP Rapid Innovation Group (RIG). Follow them to stay in touch with their publications on other topics too.


A good read on Performance is also offered by Carolyn Fitton in her blog 'How Performance can Determine if Your Mobile App is Enterprise-Ready

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