Next Steps in Software Development on SAP HANA, Online Course on openSAP Platform

This course will build upon last year’s Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA course and go deeper into each of the major topics around SAP HANA native development. We will explore the many advances in the programming model and tooling that came with SAP HANA SPS6, SPS7, and SPS8. During the course, we will use SAP HANA studio as well as several new Web-based tools (for example, the Web-based Development Workbench, SAP HANA Lifecycle Management, and SAP HANA XS Administration Tool).

If you have not yet completed the first course Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA or if you don´t have similar basic experience with SAP HANA native development, you can enroll and complete the openSAP course as self-study.

Date: October 7 to November 25, 2014       Details & Registration