Free: SAP-Business-One Partner-Roundtable 2014 (Language: German)

As in 2013, SAP will be hosting a series SAP-Business-One-Partner-Roundtables between the 15th and 27th of October, where you are invited to join open discussions and learn about newest updates and highlights surrounding SAP Business One.

Please note: These events will be held in German

These in-person events will begin at 14:00 with a "Get-together" (including snacks) followed by the main program from 15:00-18:00.

You are also invited to attend an after event dinner, where you can take advantage of the casual atmosphere to share thoughts with other partners or use the time for networking.

Session #1

Date:  15 October, 2014 /  Location:   Hamburg  (Tesdorpfstraße 8 - Raum: Winterhude )

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