Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit / London, UK

Succeed as BI and Analytics Leaders

Whether you’re launching your first business intelligence and analytics initiative or leading the next phase of an existing program, the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, 10 -11 March, London, UK gives you the right combination of thought leadership and pragmatism.

This year’s agenda is built around the theme, “The Future of Your Business: Transparent, Decisive and Personalized” and explores how to apply new BI and analytic capabilities to strengthen the business and advance new business models. You’ll learn how to tap the full potential of these new technologies, what it takes to implement them successfully and how to avoid the risks.

Four new tracks for 2014 deliver the latest insights on analytics strategy and leadership, the business case for analytics, big data and advanced analytics. From BI fundaments to embracing new technologies—including organizational change, essential new skills and roles, the latest best practices and what it takes to lead the way— Gartner BI & Analytics Summit will cover everything you need to know to seize the opportunities ahead.

Hot topics to be covered:

DATE:  March 10-11, 2014  / Event Brochure /  Event Agenda

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