Neptune and SAP webinar replay now available.

We invite you to view the webinar replay from the Neptune and SAP webinar held on May 22, 2014.

This webinar provided exiting news and opportunities for our joint channel: you, the SAP and Neptune Partner. SAP’s mobile team and Neptune have created a joint value proposition that provides your customers with attractive benefits. 

This joint value proposition was presented, and the advantages for you as a partner were discussed by Dr. Clemens Suter-Crazzolara, SAP Business Development Manager, Platform Ecosystems EMEA.  Dr. Suter-Crazzolara presented a new and rewarding SAP partner program, enabling you to market and bundle your Neptune applications on the SAP Store.

Allow enterprise mobility in weeks or even days with Neptune, while maintaining the highest security requirements with SAP Secure. Quickly mobilize SAP processes with your current existing ABAP skills, and run your applications on the SAP Mobile Platform. Generate market awareness through the SAP Store.

Watch the replay and learn how the combination of SAP and Netune can helps you to generate business.