Migrating MBO Apps from Sybase Unwired Platform to Odata on SAP HCPms

SAP like to invite you to the upcoming SAP enablement offering "Migrating MBO Apps from Sybase Unwired Platform to Odata on SAP HCPms".

SAP’s Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) portfolio has been helping organizations leap over mobile app development hurdles with an open, standards-based mobile app development platform and rapidly design cost-effective, innovative mobile apps whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Even with the earlier versions of Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), SAP has helped enterprises take advantage of mobile’s endless business opportunities with secure access to back-end systems, perfect visibility into operations, and dramatically increased productivity due to a user-friendly environment.

With the release of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SMP 3.0) and the newly released SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile service, enterprises can streamline the development, delivery, security, and management of mobile apps. This integrated platform helps developers efficiently build any-device apps that run on-premise or in the cloud.

With SMP 3.0 becoming SAP’s new industry platform for developing mobile applications, enterprises globally are facing the challenge to migrate their existing Mobile Business Objects (MBO) based SUP applications to the open standards of OData. This migration could involve extensive effort, cost and other technological complexities if not handled in the right fashion.

This Webinar, presented by our partner Innovative, attempts to address these issues and finally focuses on the primary steps to migrate from SUP MBO based apps to SMP 3.0 OData based apps. The session explores the capabilities of HCPms and its key takeaways to get started with the technological paradigms associated with SUP MBO data migration. It also covers the various migration strategies and the conversion stages to help you get started with the migration process.


Watch replay here

Do you need advisory on how to migrate your app from Sybase Unwired Platform MBO technology to HCPms? Contact us at: appdev@sap.com to take advantage of the complimentary MBO migration assessment service offered by SAP-valued partner Innovapptive.