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With SAP HANA platform, you can gain real insights from your unstructured textual data. The platform provides search, text analysis, and text mining functionality for unstructured text sources. Learn how full natural-language processing capabilities support linguistic analysis and entity and relationship extraction for your enterprise in-memory data. In addition, you will apply statistical algorithms that enable you to detect patterns in large document collections, including key term identification and document categorization. This is the first course in our new SAP HANA Core Knowledge series that provides insight into special features on the SAP HANA platform. Read more about this event
Join us for the first edition of the BI Expert Series in 2016: Product owner Toby Johnston demos and discusses the SAP BI Platform Support Tool 2.0 application. Many new features of the BI Support Tool have been introduced in this version, which greatly improves on the BI administration and support paradigm. Features that will be covered in this session include: • Additional Landscape Analysis types • Improved End to End Trace Wizard • SAP Host Agent support • Change Analysis • Security Analyzer • Custom Alert Framework • Third Party Authentication Wizards • BI Support Launchpad Learn how the 2.0 version aligns with SAP's "Next Generation Support" strategy and see what is in store for future versions. And of course - as always we close the session with time for Q&A! • Presenter: Toby Johnston • Register: SCN Events Page Read more about this event