Expert Session: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Internet of Things (IoT) service

Since December 2015 the SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT services will be available for our partners via the Innovation pack for SAP HANA Cloud Innovation, incl. connectivity to 10 devices that include a standardized remote device management and message management to enable IoT applications for partners/customers.

Our experts from SAP HANA Cloud Product management IoT will provide you an overview on this new service and will answer your questions related to this service.

Date: March 17, 2016

Note: All partners with Innovation Pack SAP HANA Cloud Platform will receive an invite in a timely manner.

Before joining the session you may send your specific development questions to us by emailing them to the attention of Questions that are too complex to get answered during the session will be followed up and answers provided in the replay section under the Application Development Partner Center.