Expert Session: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Roadmap

Our experts from SAP HANA Cloud product management will provide you an overview on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Roadmap.

During the session, we will endeavor to identify and answer the questions which we deem to offer both high priority and practically useful opportunities for problem resolution.

Before joining the session you may send your specific development questions related to the session to us by emailing them to our inbox.

Please find the recording and slides provided in the replay section under the Application Development Partner Center. Here you find already recordings of our recent sessions as well as the FAQ document with questions answered in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform session as of last year.

Note: All partners with Innovation Pack SAP HANA Cloud Platform will receive an invite in a timely manner.

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  1. The following link will bring you to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center on SAP’s Community Network 
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  3. On top right is a hyperlink named “Create”. Click it an a submenu opens which allows you to select what you want to do. If you have a question, select “Discussion”.  Please use the following SCN tags so that we can identify the questions from our partners easily: a. pe4ad (general, for all discussions related to PE4AD program)  b. hcp (all HCP related topics)
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