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Can a partner create mobile apps especially for SAP Business One, or can existing apps be used for Business One?

Last modified: Nov. 16, 2014, 10:08 a.m. Topic:Mobile FAQ's
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The SAP Mobile Platform is agnostic in regards to back-end systems (e.g. SAP Business Suite can be used as data source, but also any third party ERP system). So theoretically, a partner could develop apps with the SAP Mobile Platform on top of SAP Business One as back-end. However, SAP Business One is a solution aimed at small companies, with few user-licenses and simple IT Infrastructures. As a result, such customers are generally not interested in investing in Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms such as the SAP Mobile Platform. In addition, SAP Business One (and SAP Business ByDesign too) is delivered with its own dedicated Software Developer Kits and mobile apps.

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