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Why is there a need to list iOS apps on the SAP Store in addition to the Apple iTunes Appstore?

Last modified: April 7, 2015, 9:12 a.m. Topic:Mobile FAQ's
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The SAP Store is the primary destination where businesses go to discover business apps across all mobile platforms. The SAP Store lists apps under business relevant search categories and makes it easier for SAP customers to discover apps that have been endorsed by SAP. Users of the SAP Store can search for apps by Industry and Line of Business relevance. Whereas the Apple iTunes Store is comprised of over 500,000 apps across many different categories of apps including games, books and social networking etc. the SAP Store is strictly a listing of business specific apps that have been endorsed by SAP.

The SAP Store makes it easier for the business user to discover, evaluate and purchase business apps. As Apple mandates that all publically available apps are listed on iTunes Appstore therefore the SAP Store will be a pass through for iOS apps.

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