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What steps are needed to develop my application and publish it on the SAP App Center?

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1.) Set-up Your Development Environment 

To access Partner related resources, manage your data with SAP and get information on the technical support please have a look at our  onboarding support page.

Note: To ensure that only the necessary and relevant onboarding content can be reviewed a specific onboarding summary page for Exploration Members is also available.

2.) Application Readiness Check and/or SAP ICC Certification

  • Once you have finished developing and packaging your application, you can request approval for listing on the SAP App Center via your SAP Partner Service Advisor or our electronic contact form. Most packaged platform applications are eligible for a free Application Readiness Check.
  • You may also chose to let SAP certify your application at an additional fee and enjoy a range of technical and marketing benefits..
  •  Please note: Certain types of applications, such as Add-ons to SAP Business Suite or to SAP Business One, require an SAP certification. Please check out if this applies to your solution Read more >.

3.)  Application listing on the SAP App Center

  • Once your solution has been reviewed or certified, please read the instruction found in the SAP App Center section of the Partner Center.

4.)  SAP Partner Finder

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