SAP HANA Cloud Platform ePaaS FAQs

How can I determine the minimum fee of the ePaaS-service for a given app and customer-deal?

Last modified: July 26, 2016, 2:41 p.m. Topic:SAP HANA Cloud Platform ePaaS FAQs
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There are three simple app categories based on the data storage requirements of the app: no structured storage required, standard database services required, or advanced SAP HANA database services required. These categories are associated with different governor limits and corresponding minimum fees. The customer deals that you service on your SAP HANA Cloud Platform ePaaS instance need to yield a royalty payment to SAP that is at least equal to the minimum fee stipulated for the category of the respective app. The minimum fee for a multi-tenancy enabled ePaaS instance is slightly higher than the one for single-tenancy deployment, but is incurred only once per instance.

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