SAP HANA Cloud Platform ePaaS FAQs

Why does SAP introduce a new embedded PaaS (ePaaS)-offering for partners developing apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

Last modified: Feb. 10, 2016, 5:56 p.m. Topic:SAP HANA Cloud Platform ePaaS FAQs
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With the embedded PaaS (ePaaS)-offering, SAP wants to expand the go-to-market choices of partners developing cloud applications and extensions on SAP HANA Cloud Platform: To date, partners can only sell their cloud applications to SAP customers with an existing SAP HANA Cloud Platform deployment. With this offering, such partners can also go to market fully independently as self-sustained cloud service providers and service any customer - net-new to SAP, or SAP customers who have not yet signed up for SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The pricing for this embedded PaaS-service provided by SAP on a revenue share-basis aligns perfectly with the revenue inflows of the partner. It is easy for the partner to plan for and supports perfectly a land-and-expand approach for scaling the business per customer and overall.

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