SAP HANA Cloud Platform FAQs

How can I leverage the full power of HANA and build HANA applications on HCP?

Last modified: Nov. 28, 2015, 3:32 a.m. Topic:SAP HANA Cloud Platform FAQs
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The SAP HANA DB as-a-service provides you with SAP HANA native development capabilities, allowing you to build and execute native SAP HANA XS applications. With a dedicated SAP HANA instance, partners can use the SAP HANA development tools to create comprehensive analytical models and build applications with SAP HANA's programmatic interfaces and integrated development environment. The use is for development and test purpose only, no productive use allowed.

See further details in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform documentation and check out the SCN community.

SAP HANA DB as-a-service for SAP HANA development can be purchased on top of the SAP HANA Cloud platform innovation pack, 64GB at € 290 p.m. See further details here

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