SAP HANA Cloud Platform FAQs

Which specific use cases are applicable to SAP HANA Cloud, and which to the SAP Cloud Applications Studio?

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As a Java-based application development service offering for SAP customers and partners, SAP HANA Cloud Platform is best used for:

  • Stand-alone cloud application development
  • Extension of SAP on-premise applications via cloud applications
  • Extension of SAP cloud applications such as SuccessFactors ("out-app extension") via loosely coupled applications

The SAP Cloud Applications Studio is the development environment for in-app extensibility of the following SAP cloud solutions: SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Customer OnDemand, and future SAP applications on this architecture. The studio is best used for:

  • Extension of the following SAP cloud solutions ("in-app extension"): SAP Business ByDesign and solutions based on SAP Business ByDesign (SAP Customer OnDemand, SAP Financials OnDemand and SAP Travel OnDemand)

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