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If DataBase Administrator (DBA) staff is familiar with SQL Server or Oracle how difficult is it for them to learn SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)?

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A DBA familiar with another database can use SAP ASEā€”the skills are very transferable. DBAs familiar with Microsoft SQL Server will find SAP ASE relatively simple to learn as both products share a common history; Microsoft purchased the source code for its SQL Server database from in 1994.

Also, something to think about - IT staffing is by far the largest cost factor associated with database operations. So a database that is easier to administer can significantly reduce total data center costs. In customer surveys by Bloor Research, 61% reported that SAP ASE is easier to administer and maintain than Oracle, requiring fewer DBA resources and resulting in average savings of 32%. Therefore, an initial investment in DBA training on SAP ASE can pay big dividends by way of decreased staff and time to manage the database.

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