Building IoT Solutions Based on SAP HANA

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Internet of Things (IoT) services enable customers and partners to develop, customize and operate IoT business applications in the cloud. IoT services are designed to facilitate and support the implementation of Internet of Things applications. The Architecture of IoT services provide interfaces for registering devices and their specific data types, sending data to a database running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform in a secure and efficient manner, storing and providing easy access to the data stored.

Characteristics of target partners:

Help businesses manage the explosion of data from the Internet of Things (IoT)

Specific considerations for runtime and design-time use cases:

Additional differentiators of SAP HANA Cloud Platform:

Getting started: Partner and customer considerations

What partners need to develop IoT Solutions Based on SAP HANA

Specific use-case offerings – besides the SAP PartnerEdge program for Application Development membership – include:

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What your customer needs:

Go-to-market options

Additional details

Learn more about the technologies for this use case:

Get the technical resources and tutorials you need to begin developing on IoT solutions based on SAP HANA:

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