Cloud Applications based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

More than ever the market demand for attractive business applications in the cloud presents a great business opportunity. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the Platform-as-a-Service purpose-built to meet your needs and help you to extend your business in the cloud. With its comprehensive services and capabilities including the in-memory-power of SAP HANA, it provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility and productivity for you to build better cloud applications in less time.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is also the platform of choice for SAP and all partners to extend SAP’s on-premise and cloud solutions or build new next-generation cloud applications.

NEW: In order to go-to-market as a self-sufficient cloud-service provider, you can now also choose to embed the SAP HANA Cloud Platform into your applications under your own brand. Read more >

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a scalable, secure, modular, and open-standard platform as a service (PaaS). It includes comprehensive functionality designed to enable customers and partners to rapidly build cloud-based business applications that connect to and extend the value of SAP and non-SAP enterprise software. Operated by SAP, the platform is engineered for multilevel security and certified to meet the latest industry cloud standards. SAP HANA Cloud Platform also leverages the real-time, in-memory SAP HANA database.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Services

Please follow below links to read more about available SAP HANA Cloud Platform services:

Video: SAP HANA Cloud Platform - SAP's in-memory cloud platform for rapid development in the cloud (3:54 min).

Get Started Building Your First Application Based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Start by visiting the developer page and sign up for your free SAP HANA Cloud Platform developer license. Access all the technical resources, tutorials, support, and tools you will need. Download the Eclipse-based tools for SAP HANA Cloud Platform and quickly start building your cloud application, then deploy it onto the SAP cloud. Share your knowledge and collaborate on new business applications with fellow developers using SAP HANA Cloud Platform by joining SAP Community Network.

Highlighted Applications Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Signavio Process Editor is the first application to achieve SAP-certified integration with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and is available on the SAP Store. Customers using the solution have easy access to a professional process-modeling platform that helps keep software quality and data protection high.

     Signavio Process Editor for SAP HANA Cloud Platform on the SAP Store





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