Business Intelligence Application Development - Partner Experiences

Experience how easy it is for partners to get on board and start developing solutions based on SAP Business Intelligence (BI) applications.

Intergraph (1:42 min):

Hear Tunde Farrell, RMS & Analytics Director, tell how partnering with SAP has positioned them better and how they have been able to bring more data to the end-user by adding SAP BI. 

Epsilon (1:44 min):

Hear Leo Davis, VP Technology Services, talk about how their goals are better accomplished by utilizing SAP BI suite.

Deloitte (3:03 min):

Listen to Christopher Dinkel, IT Leader, discuss how Deloitte is taking advantage of the SAP environment and BI 4.0 to empower the end-user.

LaunchWorks (3:51 min):

Hear Kevin McManus, LaunchWorks President, discuss why they chose to partner with SAP and why they are so excited about the OEM Program.


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