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Unleash the Power of Collective Insight – Engage, Visualize, and Predict

Analytics solutions from SAP uniquely enable collective insight by delivering an enterprise business intelligence solution that gives you the power to engage with all your data on any device and across any platform. You can gain a real-time understanding of the business with agile visualizations that help you intuitively explore and present all types and sizes of data. Through advanced predictive analytics applied to more information and more processes across the enterprise, you can confidently anticipate what comes next and better guide a more profitable, forward-looking decision making. Imagine the possibilities: new customers, new disruptive business models, new innovation.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 (PDF)

Business Intelligence is no longer a “nice to have”,  BI has become a necessity in oder to successfully compete in today’s marketplace. High-performing companies are 50% more likely to use analytic information strategically. Per Gartner, analytics is the #1 priority in 2013. 

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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and visualization empowers your people with self-service access to the data and visualizations they need to make faster, more informed decisions – with SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) software. Drive smarter processes improve performance metric tracking and help your employees become more effective in everything they do.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite consists of several components:

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SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics

Imagine you could help your customers immediatley predict demand or supply across their entire supply chain … or provide exactly the right offers and services to every customer as needed. Leverage the predictive capabilities of SAP InfiniteInsight for your application, with its easy to use and intuitive modeling and visualization on top of an open and flexible platform. Create applications that let your customers predict and act in real-time instead of relying on batch, thereby enabling real-time promotions, detection of fraud, risk mitigation, revenue optimization, and customer retention.

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