Go-to-Market Enablement Services

SAP provides partners a variety of valuable Marketing and Sales related enablement services, supporting the promotion of go-to-market ready applications.

Marketing & Sales Training to Support Partners Go-to-Market Readiness

SAP Partners can leverage the following training areas, available from SAP PartnerEdge:

Marketing Academy - Helps partners adapt to the modern buyers journey by helping increase marketing effectiveness by reaching customers earlier in the buying life cycle.

Sales Academy - Sales resources that apply to most of the SAP Product/Solution portfolio. This includes information about Pricing, Sales Methodology.

SAP Learning Hub - On-demand access to a wide range of e-learning courses, content simulations, guides, course hand books, and more.

Please also check out below recommended training summary for GTM Readiness:

Effectively Marketing Cloud Solutions (View details)

Cloud customers begin their journey differently than traditional on-premise software customers. In fact, most cloud customers make their purchasing decision before they ever engage with sales. Therefore, marketing plays an essential, up-front role in a successful cloud business. That’s why we’ve introduced a new 30-minute partner training, "Effectively Marketing Cloud Solutions." Learn how you can effectively engage with them through an integrated digital marketing.

Key Takeaways:

The Value of Marketing as a Revenue Driver (View details)

How to Leverage Social and Digital Marketing to Boost Sales (View details)

Find Your Perfect Customer – Don’t Fish With Your Golf Club (View details)

Introduction to Value Selling (View details)

SAP Partner Branding Guidlines

Through clear communication of your strong partnership with SAP, the partner logo helps you, our partners, continue to grow and strengthen your business. The logos are designed to be unique and engaging. The shapes are proprietary and convey high quality through a polished transparency effect and beveling detail. Each mark leverages the powerful SAP anvil shape to visually join partners with SAP in one continuum. Inspired by the idea of a connective bond, the design represents our partnership and shows a clear endorsement by SAP.

SAP PartnerEdge Branding and Logo Usage Guideline for Partners

SAP Partner Communication Guidelines on the SAP PartnerEdge Portal

Writing Style and Naming (Quick Guide) - Partner product names and content on SAP Web sites

Follow these guidelines to create content for SAP Web sites such as SAP App Center, SAP Store, the SAP partner directory, or other external Web sites, and when you name your own products that are related to SAP offerings.

Quick Guide: Writing Style & Naming (379.8 KB)

Win Big with Customer References

Potential customers rely on other people's referrals. Demonstrate how your application helped your customer and generate new demand! Download the customer reference form (SAP business transformation study) below and follow the instructions given in the template.

Please send the completed form to klaus.terner@sap.com who will follow-up with you on creation and final approval.

Template: SAP Business Transformation Study (21.4 KB)

Example: SAP Business Transformation Study (141.1 KB)

Application One-Slider for SAP HANA Cloud Platform based Apps

With this one-slider, interested prospects and SAP field colleagues can get a quick overview of your SAP HANA Cloud Platform based app value proposition and also share it easily, eg, in the context of customer presentations. Based on this effective collateral, your app will thus be promoted effectively to prospects as well as to respective SAP-audiences.

Application One-Slider - Template (65.4 KB)


SAP's Trademark Partner Approval

To use SAP trademarked terms in Google PPC ads it is necessary to obtain permission from SAP directly. SAP encourages its partners to utilize PPC search for marketing purposes.

For more information or assistance with trademark applications, please fill out below form and send it via email to us.

Trademark Approval and Assistance Form (12.1 KB)

Public Relations Guidelines

Learn how to engage with SAP on Public Relations opportunities, whether joint or partner-only, and other general guidance and rules. These policies are intended to serve as a valuable resource on how best to efficiently prepare for and engage with SAP on public relations opportunities.

View documentation and further details >

Translation service offerings from SAP language service partners

UI Translation by Trusted SAP Partners - SAP Language Service Partners are experts in translating SAP software, and know exactly how to make your software appealing for local markets, aligning your development with the familiar SAP terminology they know from other SAP solutions.

Translation Support for Go-to-Market Material - SAP Language Service Partners can offer support for all your go-to-market translation requests.

Read more >

SAP Partner Finder and the Application Developer Directory

The SAP Partner Finder is the primary tool for customers and partners alike to find SAP partners across all engagement models. To find suitable partner candidates, just select Partner Type, Solutions Focus, Industry and Location!

The Application Developer Directory can be used to find SAP partners, who build, extend and develop solutions. To find suitable partner candidates, just select the desired experience area, company attribute and specific competency!   Read more >

SAP Ecosystem Marketing Network Program for your company’s greater online visibility

The SAP Ecosystem Marketing Network (EMN) helps you generate leads and build brand value across SAP’s digital media channels.

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