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Remedyne Fraud Prevention

Organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud. IT Security controls such as segregation of duties and encryption still allow room for inside fraud and are not able to prevent errors. REMEDYNE Fraud Prevention is an SAP ERP Add-On that continuously inspects critical business transactions and flags anything out of the ordinary, based on the REMEDYNE’s rule set or the customer’s own rules. Audit checks shipped with the solution cover various business areas such as procurement, accounting, order-to-cash, inventory an more.

mSFA Advantage

mSFA Advantage is a SUP based mobile sales force automation & order management application for your SAP ERP.

mDepot: Real time inventory tracking at remote depots

Arteria has proven to be a key innovation partner for Prism Cement. Through the use of Arteria's solution mDepot, Prism Cement has been able to gain the critical edge over their competitors. Prism Cement is able to leverage its expertise in business and technology to extend the SAP business processes to their distribution network.

SAP announces 2014 Pinnacle Award winners

SAP is proud to announce finalists and winners for the prestigious SAP Pinnacle Awards 2014. The SAP Pinnacle Awards, our premier global partner recognition program, shines a spotlight on our most outstanding partners who have excelled in developing a partnership with SAP and in growing our mutual business by helping our customers run better.