Ramp-Up of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is planned for November 15, 2013

The SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Ramp-Up is a program that supports early solution adoption among customers and partners. SAP Ramp-Up is a joint effort of field, support, and development to ensure secure and cost-effective implementation of SAP new solutions and new versions of existing solutions.

Built on proven, industry-leading technology, the SAP Mobile Platform allows you to:

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 unifies Sybase Unwired Platform, Sybase Mobiliser, Syclo Agentry and SAP's mobile technologies into one mobile platform for Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Employee (B2E) applications - embracing open standards such as HTML5, Cordova, OSGi Spring, OData and HTTP REST.

For Product information refer to the following links:

Now you have the chance to join the Ramp-Up of SMP Mobile Platform 3.0. Please get informed at the Partner Portal Ramp-Up page (please note that you can only access with an S-User).