Remedyne Fraud Prevention

Organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud. IT Security controls such as segregation of duties and encryption still allow room for inside fraud and are not able to prevent errors.

REMEDYNE Fraud Prevention is an SAP ERP Add-On that continuously inspects critical business transactions and flags anything out of the ordinary, based on the REMEDYNE’s rule set or the customer’s own rules. Audit checks shipped with the solution cover various business areas such as procurement, accounting, order-to-cash, inventory and more.

Users have access to alerts through NetWeaver Gateway and SAP UI5 on almost any device. The alerts contain information about the transaction, and users can add information and investigate the case (integrated case management). Finally, alerts are approved or rejected, and all data, including additional information entered by users, is archived for future review.

By using REMEDYNE Fraud Prevention, organizations can continuously detect and prevent fraud and errors, thus avoiding financial losses and improving their bottom line. Read more >