New SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Boot Camps announced for Q1 2014

In November SAP announced the availability of version 3.0 of the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP 3.0).

In order to equip partners with the SMP 3.0 knowledge required to deliver successful projects, the Rapid Innovation Group (RIG) will offer a comprehensive schedule of technical hands-on workshops in Q1/2014.

A series of 5-day workshops are planned to be delivered in all regions: APJ, EMEA, LATAM, MEE and NA.

Workshop details: The purpose of this workshop is to provide detailed insights into the technical and functional aspects of the technology stack, best practices for using SMP 3.0 and building robust applications. 

Planned Agenda 

Note:  The workshop will require that the participant has knowledge of the following technologies: OOP, Java , OData, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Please find the following scheduled class room boot camps: