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Successful SAP HANA Cloud Platform Apps awarded

SAP Partners from MEE recently participated in our SAP HANA Cloud Platform App Contest 2016 to benefit from exclusive recognitions.

All applicants did a great job with their SAP HANA Cloud Platform applications
And we know that they will be continuing with their success in the future.

After all, we are proud to announce the following winners:

  1. Maihiro GmbH with the app “maiTour
  2. All for One Steeb AG with the app “Index Cloud
  3. T.CON GmbH & Co. KG with the app “T.CON HR Portal

All three winners will be recognised with a customer reference video showcasing the success of their awarded app from a customer perspective. Furthermore, Maihiro GmbH will be offered an article in a German magazine “Computerwoche” to present their “maiTour” app success.

We wish all participating partners the best and success for the future.

The team from the SAP HANA Cloud Platform App Contest 2016