SAP Integration Certification

To you as an SAP partner, a wide range of certification services offered by the SAP Integration and Certification Center is available at an additional fee. The guidance and coaching that you receive as part of the SAP certification process, and the power of the “SAP-certified” brand will accelerate your ramp-up of SAP integration knowledge, your sales cycles and ultimately deployment of your application in SAP customers’ solution landscapes.

Certain types of applications or Go-to-Market options may require your application to be certified. Please find below more details on required SAP certifications:

Solution types that require SAP certification for listing on the SAP App Center

Marketing or Go-to-Market activities that require SAP certification for your solution

Other benefits of SAP certification

With an SAP-certified integration, you demonstrate to your customers that your software solution is based on SAP-endorsed integration technologies and integrate via stable interfaces. Our certification process helps ensure high-quality integration of third-party products and a smooth flow of business data through SAP business applications and SAP components via open interfaces. It also helps partners gain the necessary consulting and test-system access to complete their certification projects.

For SAP’s customer, the SAP certification logo is the strongest proof of the technical alignment of a partner’s solution with SAP solutions. Take a look at the benefits of SAP integration certification

The integration certification service is offered at an additional fee.

Once you have certified your solution, you earn the right to use the appropriate SAP certification logo for example:


New: SAP Certified apps are now also highlighted on the SAP App Center. 

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