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Build on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Build Applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Supported by Valuable Developer Resources

SAP provides a comprehensive set of services and assets for our partners to support you in building high-value cloud applications for your customers.

Learn all you need to know about SAP HANA Cloud Platform and its services. Understand how to use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform software development kit tools for Eclipse. Find all technical resources and tutorials to begin developing and deploying your cloud applications to SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

The official page for SAP HANA Cloud Platform can be found here.

Note: If you do not have prior knowledge about the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, please visit the jumpstart  developer page to learn how to access the free Trial edition, write your first "Hello World" app and find lots of tutorials covering the getting started experience.

NEWS: SAP Executive Keynote Video (TechEd 2015) - Join Bjoern Goerke executive vice president and corporate officer of SAP and head of SAP’s Products & Innovation Technology unit on a spacey mission, which can only succeed due to SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

New: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Services

Visit the below links to access technical resources of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform services:

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 Recommended Trainings

Read more about the latest recommendations on technology specific training and education materials.


Here you will find code samples, snippets and other kinds of templates to learn about the SAP technology.

Reference Applications - These are complete applications built to demonstrate product integration and to serve as reference implementations, e.g. building a Web application that runs in the cloud and connects to an on-premise back-end system. Find tutorials on how to implement cross-technology scenarios using a combination of SAP technology products for mobile, cloud and data on the SAP Developer Center for cross-technology.
SAP HANA Cloud "ESPM Mobile Shopping" Application Scenario - This end-to-end tutorial offers a walk-through of the ESPM Mobile Shopping application for any developer. The mobile shopping application is based on an enterprise sales and procurement model.

SAP HANA Cloud "PersonsList" Web Application Scenario - This end-to-end tutorial offers developers a comprehensive guide to developing a Web application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

 Documentation and References

Review valuable documentation, information and other references.


Check out other resources for specific technology based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


Collaborate with your peers and discuss technical developer topics. Learn about common best practices and patterns for developing SAP HANA Cloud Platform solutions.

Need technical help with your development environment? Visit our support community.


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