Get Technical Support for the SAP Products and Platforms

In case, your development team may need technical support, you can use the following communication channels to contact SAP regarding internal support needs.

Please note for non-‘Product Defect’ related inquiries, make use of the SAP Community to check for information or to post your case. Please also work with your dedicated SAP Partner Service Advisor to check for additional options available in the context your SAP PartnerEdge membership.

Create a Support Ticket 

  1. Log in to the support portal.  
  2. Select Report an Incident 

To learn more about this process, access our guide to creating a support ticket. Find more information about technical support in the SAP Active Global Support Reference Guide.

Advice on Managing Support Tickets

After you submit a support ticket to SAP: 

If your request message from SAP is marked as “Customer Action”: 

Please refer to the SAP Notes service, SAP Note #67739, for additional information regarding setting the correct priority for your messages.


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