Onboarding Summary for OpenEcosystem Build Members

1. Get Access to the SAP Systems

S-User IDs

An S-user ID gives partners general access to SAP Support Portal and other resources that are exclusive to SAP partners. In your welcome letter, you’ll find the super-administrator login credentials to access the content in SAP Support Portal, as well as your organization’s partner number (also referred to as “Your Customer Number,” printed on your welcome letter).

For more details on how to request an S-User, please refer to the following FAQ.

Contact the Partner Security Manager (super administrator) in your company to assign additional authorizations to your S-user profile - enabling you to log support tickets, download software, and more. To find out the name of your super-administrator, visit the Users & Authorization section in the SAP Support Portal.

For any issues with your S-User login or authorization, please follow this link and click on "Login Help" for more information and support. 

SAP Passport

An SAP passport is your digital identification card, providing access to Internet services that recognize and accept it. The SAP passport guarantees your identity and your assignment to an enterprise.

Install an SAP passport to enable access to SAP sites and resources.

2. Get Access to the OnPremise Resources (Software and License Key)

Installation Numbers

After you signed SAP PartnerEdge Build cooperation agreement you will receive an email notification with the installation number(s) for the respective innovation pack(s).

Furthermore, this notification will provide you with the authorized S-User ID to download the software.

Download Software

The software download center is your single point of access to SAP software. You have access to the entire SAP software portfolio, based on the software licenses you booked under your current s-user’s customer account.

Request License Keys

To use SAP software as agreed in your contract, you may need to implement a license key as signed by SAP. Follow the steps to obtain the right license key for your implementation.

Request a license key by clicking here

Install the software and initiate the application development

Find technical enablement services in the respective  platform and technology section.


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