SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK) and SAP HANA

Trusted by over 50,000 small and midsize businesses in 150 countries, SAP Business One is a flexible, affordable, and scalable ERP solution with the power of SAP HANA. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Join the SAP Business One community.

The SAP Business One community now includes technical discussions and information relating to the SAP® Business One application, in particular those about the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK). The SAP Business One SDK is a "toolbox" that contains interfaces, sample code, documentation and development tools. It provides application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to enhance SAP Business One.



SAP HANA is an in-memory database. Firstly, all the data is stored in memory (RAM) and not on a hard disk that helps CPU quick access to data for processing operation. Secondly, it is best method for deploying and developing real time applications or analytics. Moreover, it is a combination of row-based and column-based database technology. SAP HANA supports relational, graphical and text data because it is equipped with multiengine query processing environment.

Hardware Partners of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a combination of hardware and software and to leverage the full power of SAP HANA, right hardware infrastructure is needed.

SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA Database is developed in C++ and runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The most important component is the Index Server and it consists of many other servers as well such as Name server, Pre-processor server, Statistics server. Index Server contains the actual data stores and engines for processing the data. XS engine is an optional component which allows the users to access SAP HANA system via HTTP.


SAP HANA Studio is based on integrated development environment (IDE) that develops artifacts in a HANA server. It is also helpful for technical users to manage SAP HANA database for creating or managing user authorizations. It is utilized by system administrators and developers to configure system setting, monitor the system, to start/stop /security of servers and users and create data models, tables, Java Script, HTML.

SAP HANA Modelling

SAP HANA data modelling is also known as the heart of HANA application development. Modelling views can be create on top of database tables and consumed via JAVA, HTML based applications, SAP HANA native applications. Moreover, SAP tools like SAP Lumira or analysis office are also used to connect with HANA and report modelling views. Attribute, Analytic and Calculation are three modelling views that make implicit use of optimized SAP HANA in memory calculation engines at run time and give better performance.

SAP HANA Reporting

After creating all the modelling views, users can see the output in HANA Studio. It is non-technical end users that are consuming the modelling views to visualize various business scenarios. So, we need different reporting tools which can connect to SAP HANA, take data from modelling views and make it understandable. Reporting can be done in SAP HANA business objects BI suite of applications, tools that create and consume MDX data and queries and Microsoft Excel.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIS)

SAP Business One SDK contains the following three APIs:

The user interface API (UI-API) enables developers to modify SAP Business One by creating new windows, redesigning existing windows, adding menus, or adding dialog boxes. Modifications can be as simple as hiding or disabling a field, or as complex as adding a new type of transaction to SAP Business One. The UI-API provides access to system events that occur in the client application for SAP Business One. The UI-API is a COM-based interface.

The data interface API (DI-API) is a COM-based business logic layer that enables developers to build real-time links between SAP Business One and external applications. By providing a programmatic interface to SAP Business One through a set of fully functional business objects, the DI-API gives you the power to connect applications and automate processes. The DI-API can be used independently from the front-end for SAP Business One to access a company, enabling developers to create real-time links to existing custom or third-party applications.

The Java connector gives developers all the power and flexibility of the DI-API for use in a Java development environment.

Development Environment

The SAP Business One SDK can be used with a variety of development environments, including Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (Visual Basic, Visual C++) and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (C#, Visual Basic.NET, and ASP.NET).

The SAP Business One SDK includes a screen painter utility that allows developers to design custom windows for SAP Business One in an intuitive graphical interface.


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